Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Buffalo Exchange

Who remembers the difference between thrift and consignment? 


That's right! Thrift stores feature donated goods in all manner of conditions, while consignment stores take only gently-used items, and they generally pay the donors. Consignment stores are usually more expensive, but because everything there is in good condition, it can be worth the upcharge. Can be. 

I used to frequent Plato's Closet, but their selection doesn't move me anymore. The clothes are too preppy and label-slavey for my tastes (though it's a great place to get jeans). For years, my favorite consignment shop was the branch of Psycho Sisters on Killian Hill, but it closed when I was in college. Their Little Five location is cool, but the clothes are more outlandish and very expensive. Little Five also features a Rag-O-Rama, which is always worth a visit, but legend has it that they are not great neighbors. Last year, Little Five got a new option: Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange
Not all rompers are created equal.

Buffalo Exchange
This one was ADORABLE, and I really regret not buying it. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Buffalo Exchange
I'm a star.

Buffalo Exchange
And you love me.

Buffalo Exchange
Starship Trooper Crawley, reporting for duty.

Buffalo Exchange
This dress is so sweet, but I need another vintage circle-skirted dress
like I need a massive stroke.

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