Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whatever Wednesdays: What is CentUp?

I love writing and maintaining this site - it brings me so much joy. I get so excited when people ask me about posts they read, or tell me a related story. It might be the biggest thing I've ever created.

I've recently joined a community called Cent Up, which allows readers to throw a few nickels toward an online creator whose work they like. It's like a "like" button, only every time you click, you give the person you liked a few cents. I'm now an official CentUp publisher, which means that if you like what you see/read here, and you'd like to show your appreciation with a monetary gesture, you can click a button to donate pennies at a time. The best part is that every time you donate to a publisher, half of your donation goes to a charity of you choice.

There's a CentUp button at the bottom of every post - they look like this:

Just give it a click, and you'll find out how to join.

Most people are pretty strapped for cash these days (the economy isn't exactly booming) and I understand that it can seem a little odd to donate towards a site that you read for free. That's why I like CentUp, though - just a few pennies at a time will help me offset the costs of running this site.

CentUp has a small group of great publishers, and they're all worth a visit.
I'm really excited to join this site right at its inception, and I hope you're inspired to join.

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