Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Buying a Secondhand Raincoat

Last week, when I found those amazing trenches, I also found a great raincoat. At least, I assumed it was a raincoat - the labels are all in a foreign language. So while I was pretty sure the coat was waterproof, I couldn't be absolutely certain. Naturally, I enlisted Roomie and Very Excellent Boyfriend to perform a scientific test.

It's been a rainy week, and my new coat has fared quite well. Yes, I do wish it had a hood, and it's missing its original belt, but I'm still happy with it. It doesn't leak, like my last coat, which is a huge step forward.

Thrift Trip 6-11
Gotta get a replacement belt.

Side note: Anyone know anything about this brand? I tried searching the webbernets, but I came-up totally dry. 

Thrift Trip 6-11

Hey, I made a raincoat pun!

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