Friday, August 29, 2014

Fashionable Friday: Planning and Executing a Concert Outfit

This isn't just any Fashionable Friday...this is a FLASHBACK FASHIONABLE FRIDAY!!!

(That means that I haven't written in so long that I have a bunch of old stuff I want to tell you about. I'm trying to make it a thing, see?)

In December, a family friend surprised me with comps to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis show at the Gwinnett Center. I (like the rest of the world) danced my fanny off to "Thrift Shop" last summer, so I was happy to accept them.

Concert Outfit

Also, my friend Jeremy would kill me if I didn't mention that he introduced me to "Thrift Shop" a full year before it hit the radio. We were doing High Society and getting to know each other when I mentioned that I adore thrift stores. He pulled the video up for me, and I nearly had a heart attack. So give Jeremy his hipster cred - he knew about Macklemore before you.

And he's a kitty cat
Some concerts are jeans-and-tee events, but not this one. When an artist has such distinctive personal style, you really owe it to yourself to go in costume. I wanted to wear a thrifted outfit (OF COURSE), but I also wanted to play into the aesthetics of the "Thrift Shop" video. Well wouldn't you know it, but I own the perfect foundation for such an outfit. 


And naturally, I had to wear a (faux) fur coat. Oh hey, I have one of those, too.

Faux Fur

I was not the only person who wore a fur coat - far from it. Nor was I the only lady in a jumpsuit. The audience was lousy with stinky fur and stained dresses, but that's the fun of it - when a concert is a costume party, you feel like you're in on a private joke.

Concert Outfit

Concert Outfit

I have this handy little wallet/phone case that's perfect for these events. I strung it on my belt and stuck the wallet in my pocket so I could dance hands-free all night.

Concert Outfit

If I could redo the night, I'd wear different shoes - the cowboy boots are HUGE- I was wearing three pairs of socks, and they barely stayed-on. I wish I'd worn more danceable shoes.

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