Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Jump in the Line

A few years ago, rompers came back in style, and I was skeptical. I fought the tide. But then after the internet showed me a million beautiful, twee pictures, I became a diehard fan.

One problem, though: I'm a little allergic to shorts. And when they're attached to my blouse, I feel like a freak. So I set my sights on the romper's longer, more demure cousin, the jumpsuit.

I looked far and wide for the perfect one, and after two years, I finally found it at the Clothing Warehouse. It was all black, with flared legs and ruching across the top. It made me feel like like Jackie Burkart, and I loved it.

Just one problem: after one spin in the washing machine, the polyester developed runs. Yes, exactly like the ones that happen in hoisery. I was crushed. I haven't work it since, but I refuse to get rid of it, just in case I think of a way to repair or disguise the damage - though as of now, I'm at a loss. After this tragedy, I completely gave-up the search.

So when I found this delight in Dacula, it was a bolt from the blue.

Do I have your attention?

It is, in fact, the most. It makes me feel like these chicks from the "Thrift Shop" video.

The best part? It was only $5.

Oh, and proof that you can't trust vintage sizing? The label says this is an 8.

Chew on that!

I'm already pondering how I'll style it this summer - with big gold earrings, my reversible belts, and wedge heels? Or maybe I'll wear my black lace-up boots and pin my hair into a fauxhawk? However it happens, I'll snap some pictures when it makes its debut.

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