Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashionable Friday: How Marshall's Screwed Me Over

A couple months ago, I started searching for a pink dress to match a necklace my friend Caleigh made. I found a bunch of inspiration on Modcloth, and fell in love with a pink peplum one. Well wound't you know, I found a similar one at Marshall's.

I also found someone who wouldn't get out of frame.
But this one had a sexy lace back!


I was thrilled! I marched to the checkout line and waited patiently for my turn at the register, but when I glanced down I noticed something on the dress. To my horror, I realized it was the number 18 written in orange highlighter on the skirt. I flew into a desperate rage, then left it with the cashier. I wasn't about to spend $18 for a dress that might have been permanently damaged. 

So the search continues. If you see a sweet pink dress, could you pick it up for me?

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