Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Looking for a Dress to Match My Jewelry

As you know, I recently won an adorable lace collar necklace from YO! Lemonade.

My YO! Lemonade swag

My YO! Lemonade swag

Besides Jasmine, Giselle is my favorite princess (well, almost princess), and I love how dainty and soft this faux collar is. But I have one small problem: the necklace doesn't really match anything in my wardrobe. I tend to wear warm, bold colors and patterns. I don't really own anything pastel. Plus, the lace calls for a straight (or at least simple) neckline, and I tend to favor scooped- or V-necks with embellishments galore. I've been browsing ModCloth a lot for DressPiration. If I was the kind of crazy person who buys dresses to match her jewelry (a.k.a. if I had that much disposable income), I'd like to get one of these lovely frocks:

Collar DressCollar Dress 8-2Collar Dress 6-2Collar Dress 7-2Collar Dress 9-2
Collar Dress 5-2Collar Dress 1-2

My favorite is probably the one on the bottom row all the way to the right - the Profession my Love Dress. I recently bought a black peplum dress at Marshall's, and I adore it. It's probably the most flattering piece of clothing I own. However, I'm drawn to the Come to My Window Dress, as well.

I have a ModCloth gift card from Christmas that's burning a hole in my pocket; do you think I should use it on one of these beauties?

If you want a necklace like the one I'm sporting above, make sure to enter the YO! Lemonade/Galen's Days giveaway. From now until May 13th, enter to win any piece from Yo! Lemonade's custom Disney jewelry line. Check out the selection on Etsy, then follow the steps below to enter.

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