Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Is it Spring Yet?

March isn't really living-up to its reputation. Isn't this the month that ushers-in spring? Instead, it's colder than ever. This week Atlanta saw snow flurries for two days straight. I guess that beats last constant rain, but I'm antsy for a 70-days and picnics in Piedmont Park.

Flowers or something! Spring!
I'm forecasting warm weather with this floral print. Yes, Mom, I wear plenty of coats when I go outside - I cast them aside for one minute to take these pictures. This dress was a birthday present from me to myself (via the sale rack at Anthropologie), and I've worn the tar out of it since January. It's corduroy, fits like a tailored suit from Ann Taylor (holla!), and has a built-in slip. What more could a girl want?

Dress:Anthropologie Sweater: Target Tights:(see story below) Boots:Rag-o-Rama

Last summer, I was going through some boxes in my bedroom at my parents' house. I was doing a deep purge of all the "keepsakes" in my closet; for a pack rat like me, everything has sentimental value, and I need to sort things three or four times before I'm rid of all the junk. I opened a box marked, "WIZARD," and found a bunch of things from when I did Wizard of Oz at the Fox. I was 13, and I played a citizen of the Emerald City. I did a ribbon dance with a group of five other girls, and didn't have to be a poppy for the Act I finale (whew!). My whole church youth group came to a performance, and they cheered and screamed when I exited the stagedoor. I'd saved a few things from the show, including a program, a name badge, and these mustard tights.


Hilariously, they still fit. This ancient legwear has become a wardrobe staple. Thanks, Theatre of the Stars, for predicting the fashion trends of the twenty-teens.

Give me a ribbon - I'll do my old routine!

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