Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Three Blind Mice

My new favorite restaurant is OTP. Actually, it's worse than that - it's in Lilburn.

(Outside-Atlanta translation: "My new favorite restaurant is in the suburbs.")

I know a lot of you didn't grow-up in Gwinnett, and neither do you live there now. That's okay - I forgive you your life of privilege in East Cobb. Out here in The Sticks, we had to travel to Bahama Breeze or Pappadeaux for a taste of city life (and let's be real, national chains are great, but they're not exactly City Livin'). Imagine my shock when I was introduced to Three Blind Mice

This place is in a shopping center in front of my old ballet studio. My Lifelong Bestie and I spent many hours in this neck of the woods, toe-dancing for our lives. The studio is still there, but we've long since left the neighborhood. I'm not sure exactly when this place opened, but if I'd known about it last year, I might not have left Snellville in such a hurry. 

Very Excellent and I came here last week with our friend Adam. He hails from these parts, and has returned home after a prolonged absence. Welcome home, Adam!

His parents live about five minutes from the restaurant, and he says they go there all the time. No surprise, since Boyfriend and I were all but licking our plates by the time we finished our entrees. Suffice it to say, I have never had better crabcakes, and I stole nearly half of the beau's steak. 

But then...THEN. Then came the Key Lime Pie. 

Oh, terribly sorry - seems an insane woman possessed me the moment she laid eyes on the dessert. See, the pie (already my favorite sweet) was delivered under a two-inch layer of toasted meringue. 

Not close enough?

Never close enough.

I must cut this post short, as I am now starving. 

The moral of this story: If you thought there were no good restaurants in Lilburn, you were wrong. Mom and Dad, check it out!

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  1. A) Anna and I used to sing a made up song about Bahama Breeze. We thought it was a fancy night club for a long time because it had a swank neon sign and tiki torches.

    B) The closest Bahama Breeze to me now is in Las Vegas, and actually makes a really good, relatively inexpensive, break from the strip.

    C) I can't live without their lemonade with a stick of sugar cane in it.

    D) That Key Lime Pie looks AMAZING.


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