Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: The Scene of the Find

A few days ago, I found myself in Dacula with a few hours to kill. Naturally, I decided to return to the scene of The Find. Was it just a one-off? Did I stumble into this store the only time they had a decent selection? Is it unusual for a customer to walk away with 6 perfect dresses?

Nope. This Goodwill is magical.

First of all, it was absolutely packed. Like, Dekalb Farmers Market on a Saturday packed. I was there at 3 PM on a weekday, and so was half the population of Dacula. There were lots of middle-aged women (of course), but they weren't the only ones there; a group of predictable teenagers haunted the mens' tees (one of them already sporting a "KEEP CALM AND SMOKE WEED" shirt). Strangely, I saw more than one teen girl walking around with her mom, happily picking-out T-shirts and jeans - this, in full view of the delinquents. Is this new? Were regular teenagers this comfortable in a thrift shop in the days before Macklemore? Obviously, I was - but I was looking for Asian-inspired dresses and 70s tunics, not cotton shirts.

The selection was wonderful - just like last time. I staggered into a dressing room under about 15 garments. Luckily, it was roughly the size of my apartment in New York.

Ten feet deep, kiddos!

I spent a lovely half-hour dancing to Top 40 hits while I played dress-up. Guys, I had room to kick my legs, Footloose-style (and I did). There were formals, suits, and even a jumper - but you'll read more about that stuff later. 

The best part, by far, were the shoes. I generally wish that my feet were about two sizes larger, and that was especially true the other day. Look at these!

Amazing, right? If they hadn't been $11, I might have bought them and hosted a giveaway. But I'm not made of money. Sorry, y'all. 

I was immediately drawn to these tan lovelies, but even from five feet away I could see that they would be too big for me. 

Here's how I determine if a pair of shoes will fit me: if they seem impossibly small, they might still be a bit too large. Generally, in secondhand shops, I'm lucky if I come across a single pair that will work. Sadly, these wouldn't have.

How about these?

Some gent will look mighty dapper in them. Careful, though - they're sharp. 

Best of all, I found a pair of tap shoes - for an adult!

Aren't they perfect? Also, they are brand new - completely unused. 

Lastly, I found a couple belts. 

Reversible belts. 

I can't wait to wear these as a set all summer. 

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  1. You need to take a field trip someday and check out that Goodwill Retail Store I found in Savannah on Broughton Street --talk about upscale -- there were wedding dresses on display in the window!


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