Monday, March 25, 2013

Make-it-Monday: Prettify a Planner

It's the last week of the show, y'all! This morning's performance was in my last neighborhood, Ansley Park. Can I tell you how much I loved living out here? It was excellent. Just coming back for a few hours reduced my blood pressure. I'm gonna make it a point to hang out here at least once a month - make a few pilgrimages to the park.

Speaking of stress, I still need to file my taxes. I use Turbo Tax, so it's a pretty easy process, but it requires a good bit of time and math. Which is not my favorite subject. However, I've developed a system to keep my 2013 taxes as painless as possible; I started keeping track of *professional things* in a planner You know, gas mileage, audition dates, how much money I spend on headshots, etc. Last month, I went to Barnes & Noble to get one. There were none left.

No, that's not quite true - this was left:

And while I'm not a Mom (let alone a Do it All Mom), I really needed a planner...and this one was on sale for seven bucks...and I had a 15%-off coupon...

So I bought the Do-it-All Mom planner. Uugh.

I've been using it like a good little actress (doing my taxes is gonna be SO easy next year), but I'm offended by its general ugliness. So I grabbed some wrapping paper from World Market, a bottle of Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and my own destiny.

And the McDonald's tray

But first I had to cut off that elastic band. 

I wish I could've kept it, but it would have made this recovering process WAY more complicated, and I just didn't have the patience.

As it was, this project was CRAZY easy. I laid the book on the paper and measured how much I needed.

Then I covered all the paper with Mod Podge (the only legitimate crafting glue).

I smoothed-out the paper all over the binding. I was a little worried about the edges - they looked loose when I first glued them down. But they dried perfectly.

Lastly, I covered the outside in Mod Podge to protect it against damage. The saddest thing would be tearing my pretty new cover.

I balanced it up on its end to dry, and left it alone for four-ish hours.

Voila! A beautiful planner for my actor things!

I really enjoyed this project - it makes me want to recover more ugly books. I may buy a few sad journals at the Dollar Store and make them over.

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