Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Chai Latte

Caleb, don't worry - your Juice Opus is on the way. I have not forgotten.

Hello, cherubs. I slept-in today! Early mornings are a little rough for this Night Owl, so a day-off was just what the doctor ordered. And I did not waste the opportunity; I slept til 1:30.

Now it's late afternoon, and I'm wasting away the hours as God intended - sipping tea by the window. When life hands you an unexpected day off, make lemonade.

I like to start my days (whether at 5 am or 2 pm) with a homemade chai latte. That's right - you can make your own amazing chai right from the comfort of your kitchen. No Starbucks needed. All it takes is some loose tea, almond milk, and sugar (if you so please; I always so please).

I suppose you could use a tea bag, but I've never found a bagged chai that has my preferred amount of spice. Instead, I buy mine a tub at a time from the DeKalb Farmer's Market. Thecontainers last me about three months, and they only cost $6.


  • Put a teaspoon of chai in a tea ball, strainer, or one-time-use tea bag.
  • Fill your vessel halfway with boiling water. Now let the tea steep for three minutes.
  • Remove your loose tea and add sugar (if you want). I use a teaspoonful. Then, fill the rest of the cup with almond milk. Regular milk works, too, but I prefer almond milk's sweetness. 

Now, sit by a window and soak up the sun. Pretend you're a cat and enjoy your lazy time. 

Then get up and go to the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic, since you suspect you have a sinus infection. This may be your only chance this week to get it checked-out. Don't worry - you can make more tea when you get home. 


  1. Your blog posts are always so enjoyable, and I learn something every time! Love that almond milk!

    1. Thanks, Luanne! I'm glad you like what you read :)


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