Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Impromptu Dinner Party

When Katie was in town a couple weeks ago, we wet to Kroger. It began as an innocuous trip to the store, but ended as the best things often do: with cheese, bacon, and wine.

Hey, Katie!

And hey, Max!

See, we saw the cheese display at the front of the store. When two ladies who only see each other once every couple years are in the same room, there rises a natural desire to nibble fancy cheeses. We are not ones to squash our impulses, so we indulged.

The Very Excellent Boyfriend and I had been chatting about BLTs for days, but we'd lacked a few essentials (namely bread, tomatoes, and lettuce). I grabbed the missing ingredients at the store, though, and by the time I got home he had baked the bacon up right. The apartment smelled like heaven.

Don't be fooled...

...we made a LOT of bacon.

VEB and I don't do our BLTs the way you do, though. We make ours with a twist (one we stole from The Corner Pub). Ours have apple and cheddar slices, too. That makes them ABCLTs, and that makes them irresistible.

Thanks, restaurant!

You want a picture of the sandwiches - are you kidding? I scarfed mine down too fast.

We topped it all off with some veggies, humus, and Barefoot Reisling. I chilled it in the freezer to get it nice and crisp - so delicious.

So much goodness.

However, I accidentally left the wine in the freezer overnight. Now we have a cold cylinder of alcohol. Do you think it's worth keeping?


  1. oh WHAT!?!?!? apples and cheese on them?!?!?? I usually just go with the BALT (avocado), but I think I'll be adding extra stuff next time....

  2. Your writing style cracks me up! Seriously, I'm sitting here chuckling :)


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