Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Still Chill


I took the coat off for the photo shoot, because I'm classy

Are y'all as pissed as I am? This is exactly the kind of madness that drove me from the north. I know it's comparatively warm here, but I'm still mightily displeased; I should be in flip-flops by now.

Brr, now no sweater

Okay, okay - sorry for complaining. Whining won't change the weather. Instead, let's find the bright side: I have a little more time to experiment with my winter wear!!!! (Exclamation points promote positivity) I can give tights a final hurrah, and sweaters one last spin. Truly, it's pretty nice out; if I wasn't hauling a set in and out of a van every morning, I'd probably be enjoying this Crisp Spring.

But wait! I only have one more week of set-schlepping! I can hardly believe it, but "And Then They Came For Me" closes next Friday. Seven weeks of touring has really blown by (the way time generally does). It's been fulfilling, funny, and sometimes very sobering; it's a show unlike any I've done before. I'll miss being Anne Frank - however, I will not miss waking-up at 5 am.

Back to my outfit - notice anything? Say, about my jewelry? That's right! I'm sporting last week's craft!

If you're ever looking for jewelry supplies, JoAnn's has a great selection. Their charms are beautiful, inexpensive, and varied. Magnifique. Of course, that's not the only place to find inspiration - but I'll save that lecture for another day.

Enjoy your weekend, darlings! I know I will!

Dress: Forever 21 (thrifted)  Sweater: Express (costume piece from a show)  Belt: Thrifted  Tights: Target  Boots:Rag-o-Rama

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