Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays: Formalwear

I have never bought a formal gown for full price, and I never will. Well, I might consider it someday, but only if I'm going to the Oscars and Diane Vin Furstenburg offers to make me a couture wrap gown. For free. And even then, I'd probably still choose Salvation Army. 

Though I rarely have occasion to wear one, I'm still seduced by the occasional formal gown. The dress I wore to the Suzis (the Atlanta theatre awards) was found at Goodwill last year.

Last week, I found not one, but two amazing formals. 

Exhibit One:

I mean, will you LOOK at those wings??

Exhibit Two:

Pearls draped down the back. Nuff' said.


I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but Exhibit Two doesn't fit at ALL. It's ridiculously tight across the chest, and I can't zip it in the back. However, there's a good four inches of extra fabric along the inside seams, so there's hope. I will need professional help for buying to alter it, but I think it's worth the investment.

Especially since that investment was exactly $5.

Now, let's organize a grown-up prom so we can rock our rarely-use formalwear. Who wants to join me?


  1. I will totally join you for a grown-up prom. Cheesy pictures and all!

    1. Let's do it! We'll grab dinner in town and strut our stuff!

  2. why did we stop dressing like characters from 'dynasty'?!?! the first dress is stunning. STUNNING.


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