Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Another Gatsby Fail

I struck-out again in the Gatsby Dress Search. I didn't really think this nude number would work, but I wasn't expecting it to look quite like a glitzy potato sack (which it did).

Look at The One That Got Away - teasing me back there.
I'll try a few more sheaths, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Luckily, that's not my only option. 1920s silhouettes definitely focus on long, straight lines, but I'm leaning toward something with a boxy top and a sleek skirt.

Who wants to look like Daisy, anyway? (Spoiler alert: she's not the nicest.)

Yesterday I started rehearsals for a children's show with Georgia Ensemble Theatre. It's called And Then They Came for Me, and it's a delightful little ditty about the Holocaust. I play Anne Frank - every little Jewish girl's dream.

I'm the only person in the cast who's new to the show - everyone else has toured with it at least one year. Rehearsals move really quickly when everyone already knows the blocking.Blocking is usually my least favorite part of any rehearsal process; it can be so tedious. Since I'm the only one who has to learn anything, we're speeding straight through the show. 

Final thought for the day: last night, we went out for a friend's birthday and I sang "Part of Your World" for karaoke. 


  1. i started with one post and then i began creeping your entire blog! you are hilarious and real and i cannot wait to read more.

  2. It must be quite intimidating being the only one who hasn't toured before doing the show, well done for going for it anyway. Also, karaoke is the best, why haven't I been in ages? Gotta sort that next weekend xo


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