Monday, February 4, 2013

Make-it-Monday: The Art of Giving

Today, I'm highlighting the creative efforts of my darling Little Sister. Remember her?

You remember.

She is a great gift-giver. Two years ago, she got me a replacement Beauty and the Beast lunchbox after my old one (the one I used in preschool) was lost.

Lunch as old as time.

This Christmas, she got me a gorgeous faux-fur circle scarf, and a beautiful vintage necklace.

It's just the most.

Isn't it lovely? It's quickly become one if my favorite accessories.

Yesterday, I went to my parents' house to watch the Superbowl, and Lil' Sis further proved that she is the Ultimate Giver.

When I walked in the door, I found this gift waiting in the office:

Love the bag, BTDubbs.

But when I opened it, this was all I saw:

The floor? Well what do you know, a string...

Follow the cotton thread road!
It lead me to the hall bathroom.

I continued to the living room - but oh no! There was a fork in the road! Which road to take? The left, or the right? I veered to the right, and the trail stopped behind the TV.

Okay, fine. Left this time - behind the couch. 

Up the stairs! I flipped on the light and saw this little white note on my pillow:

The fan! I flipped the switch, and after a moment, another message fluttered from the blades.

I scrambled back down the stairs, shouting, "But there are TWO CARS!" We dashed into the garage, and I saw the note perched on the dash in the Corolla. I flung open the door, and the light burst on to reveal the writing:


GUH, sometimes being right is SO HARD. Fine, I cut my losses - to the van! And this time, finally, I saw the prize.

The final gift was wonderful - the ENTIRE Muppets collection from OPI! - but the scavenger hunt was the best part. Count on Lil' Sis to take gift-giving to the next level.

That, dear readers, is how you make a present into an experience.


  1. What a fun scavenger hunt! Half the fun of unwrapping a gift is the anticipation - this really takes it to a new level :)

    I have a couple of the Muppets collection from Opi. My favorite is Pepe's Purple Passion for my toes. Divine!

    1. I have Pepe on my fingernails right now - love it! Last year, a coworker gave me Wocka Wocka for Christmas, but I lost it. My sister got me the WHOLE collection because she couldn't remember which one I had. Overachiever.


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