Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Shoehorned In

Hi Blogland!

A woman of her word, Galen is not blogging the rest of the week. She has quit the rest of February, and is lost in a delightful time warp where Hugh Jackman still hosts the Oscars and her hand doesn't look like the end of The Departed. While she's away, as her loyal Roomie and Mama Mandi, I have offered to fill her big (And yet, IRL, incredibly small) shoes and blog for a day or two.

Today is Thrifty Thursday, and so I thought I would talk a bit about a second hand taboo: Shoes.  I won't go bowling because I'm scared of wearing someone's old sweaty shoes, but that fear goes away when I see a great pair of heels at a thrift shop. I can't explain this other than the fact that I have an unquenchable thirst for shoes, but live on the meager salary of an actor. Behold, a stunning pair of red patent leather pumps that I acquired while on an educational tour in South Georgia at the Thomasville Goodwill.

If you click your heels three times in these you end up in Carrie Bradshaw's closet.
They have a slight marble effect to them, and are gorgeous with an LBD and pearls.

As much as I love a great pair of used footwear, I'm not the marathon deal hunter that Galen is. I'd rather sing along to Mackelmore while sitting on my couch, surfing the internet pantsless. And so, I have found another great way to get second hand shoes in Ebay. I've gotten into some epic bidding wars over a great pair of used designer heels. Here are two of my favorite Ebay shoe success stories.

The first is a pair of faux lace up boots that I bought to be a costume piece, but they ended up having too high a heel for the show, so I kept them for personal use.

They have both a zipper and stretchy material around the boot, so they have the benefit of a lace up without the time and effort it takes to put them on.

I Love the 70s: Volume Shoe (Don't hate me)

I bought these as show shoes as well, and they worked perfect for the role. (Not to mention the fact that they look like a Donna Summers song in shoe form) Alas, they are not real vintage, but who cares? I am obsessed with the colorful straps and the floral print on the heel and insole.

The final thing I want to share today is not a pair of shoes that I thrifted, but a pair that you, lovely reader, might find in your friendly neighborhood second hand store soon.

And lately, I've been wondering. Who will be there to take my place? 

I bought these shoes new (On sale at Marshalls) a few months ago, to match a previously unmatchable dress that I've had for years. I wore the ensemble to an opening night gala.

Boyfriend, boyfriend, I have a boyfriend

I was really pleased with how the outfit looked, but the shoes are really too small for me. They are a small size 7, and I have the same shoe size as the incomparable Dolly Parton- "I wear a size 6, but a 7 feels so good I buy an 8". I suffered through them for a night, but when my plans to cut off part of my foot a la the ugly stepsisters in an effort to wear them again was deemed "extreme", I had to come up with another plan for them. The next time I make a donation to the Salvation Army, these suede beauties will leave my closet forever. If one of you finds them someday, know that they come from Roomie with Love.

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