Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Pink Lady

The weather in Atlanta has been ridiculous the past few weeks. Rainy, then sunny, unusually warm and then unusually cold - and then the next day it happens all over again. I've taken to carrying a light jacket and a winter coat in my truck, just in case. Last week, while running errands with my Very Excellent Boyfriend, my foresight came in handy.

This was my base outfit - a nautical shirt, my favorite flared jeans, and my most comfortable boots.

Shirt: Thrifted (Old Navy)  Jeans: Plato's Closet (Seven for All Mankind)  Boots: Rag-O-Rama  Scarf: Bought from a show  Ring: Souvenir  
The scarf is an old favorite - one of many items that I bought from a show.My friend Katie wore it during Anton in Show Business in college. When the play closed, our designer let us purchase costume pieces, and I just jumped at this lovely scarf. I also got a leather jacket from that production - you might catch it some other time.

The ring is from Arrow Rock, Missouri. I did summer stock there after my junior year of college, and I bought this ring at an antique shop in town. My friend Liz was with me that summer, and she told me that she likes to buy jewelry and clothing in lieu of typical "souvenirs." Snowglobes, magnets, and postcards are nice, but it's extra fun to wear a memento. Now when I travel, I keep an eye out for pretty things to add to my wardrobe.

When the sun started to fall and things got chilly, I whipped-out a recent purchase...

The Pepto Bismal Blazer! Had you forgotten it? I hope not!

Always Captain Morgan when you have the chance.
I really love this jacket - it's such a cheerful color. And I love how it clashmatches the scarf - they're not a normal combo, but somehow I love them together.

Top it all off with a Belle hairstyle, and I felt like a princess all over town - even at the post office.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! It's the last weekend of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, and I'm pretty depressed. I'm gonna miss stomping my foot and belting my face with this crazy group. Wish us broken legs and full houses!


  1. I just bought a hat at Venice Beach last week- visited Emily out in Cali and it was BEAUTIFUL. Unlike the similar moody weather DC has had. Can't wait to wear it when it gets warm :)

    1. Pictures, please! Of the hat AND of Cali!


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