Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: My Eyes are Green 'Cause I Eat a Lot of Vegetables

The last week has been insane. Between the Anne Frank show in the mornings and tutoring at night, I'm feeling like a walker - shambling through the afternoon, crashing into things, gnawing on whatever food I can find. 

And, in the true spirit of a tired lady with a lot on her mind, I cut myself while cooking my dinner - tee-riffic. Nothing to be alarmed about (the bleeding stopped quickly, and the wound has been cleaned, iced, and dressed), but I will be taking a long nap before I reenter the kitchen. 

Here are some pictures from some happier kitchen times...


Fresh-squeezed juice:

Carrot, apple, and orange - absolutely delicious.

The juice was meant to compliment our breakfast, but it ended-up accompanying my other beverages.

Shout-out to Roomie's beautiful teacup.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a callback tonight, and I have to finish getting ready. That's right - neither sleet, now snow, nor minor bodily injury shall keep this lady from auditioning. 

To the Batmobile!

(Photo courtesy of Tyler Core)

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