Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Thrifty Disasters - Dresses

It's time to show off some recent Thrifty Disasters. This time, the theme is Dresses.

The seam straight down the front made me LOL.

First up, this little number, which seemed to be made from parachute material. I actually really liked the skirt's construction, but it felt like a trash bag against my skin. The sleeves are just magnificent - they're made from a totally different fabric, and are a clashing shade of red.

The really amazing thing about this dress is how stretchy the material was. Think spandex. 

See how crooked those buttons are? Not good.
I wanted this one to work so badly, but it was a nightmare. The seams were crooked, the lining rode-up, and the velvet was itchy. Believe it or not, it's from BCBG.

Adorable, right?


Written commentary is irrelevant; my face says it all.

Sassy little Mod number.
I very nearly took this one home. But it was made of WOOL, and after about 30 seconds I thought I might pass out. Fabrics are tres important.

The next one shall henceforth be known as The One That Got Away:

What a tease.

UUGH, just look at it, hanging there, taunting me! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it. The lace! The slightly ruched sleeves! The delicate lining! But when I tried to put it on, I couldn't even get it over my shoulders. Curse you, fabric with no stretch! If this were a cotton blend from Target, it would have fit like a dream. Sadly, not all dresses were meant to be. Hopefully, some seven year-old found this and wears it to church.


Now I resemble said seven year-old. I considered - for a half-second - getting it so I'd have something to wear when working on messy crafts, but then I was like, "HOW TWEE," so I didn't.

Voila! Fashion disasters can happen to anyone - nothing to be ashamed of. Just make sure you snap some pictures when you're the victim so you can laugh at yourself later.


  1. That big blue one with the funny!! I love trying on everything at the thrift store because sometimes what you thought was horrible turns out awesome & worst case you get a little laugh!

  2. It's time to show off some recent Thrifty Disasters.


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