Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Turkey, Brie and Kale Sandwich

Very Excellent Boyfriend made me the most amazing sandwich. I need you to know all about it. 

Baked Turkey Sandwich
Look at that meal!

A few days ago, I bought some loaves of day-old bread from the Buford Farmer's Market. It's like the Dekalb Farmer's Market, only it's significantly closer to where I live, exponentially less crowded, and much cleaner. Score. 

V.E.B. sliced a loaf open, and stuffed it full of homemade honey mustard, brie, thick-sliced turkey, kale, and dried cranberries. Then he wrapped in in tinfoil and baked it in the oven for fifteen minutes. 
Baked Turkey Sandwich
A different angle.
If you're not convinced of it's deliciousness yet, just take a gander at the inside:

Baked Turkey Sandwich

I am suddenly starving. I may have to run to Kroger for some turkey. 

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