Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashionable Friday: One Thing that Never Goes Out of Style

It's been an intense week. Four auditions, two sets of rehearsals a day, one cookout, one eye patch, one missed post and one broken-down truck. The adventures will continue (Stone Mountain's summer season opens tomorrow, Joseph goes into tech on Monday, and I'm buying a new car very soon) but this week everything came to a head.

Yesterday, when I found out my car is done for, I was very upset. I love my little truck, and it's gonna be hard to say good-bye. But instead of griping and feeling sorry for myself, I would like to practice Grattitude. 

Grattitude isn't always easy, but it looks good on everyone and it never goes out of style.

I'm grateful that I have the ability to buy a new car. It will be
tough (and I'll need some help) but I have resources to draw
from, and not everyone does.

I'm also grateful for amazing friends like my Roomie who let me
drive her car so I could attend my Wednesday audition/rehearsal
marathon. Friends like her are worth a hundred Mazda pick-ups.

I'm grateful for my Very Excellent Boyfriend and Very Attentive Parents
who are all helping me find a new car. They all have my back, and I feel
much more prepared with them on my team than I would alone.

I'm grateful to be a working actor. My chosen field is hard, and every
time I step into a rehearsal I'm reminded of how lucky I am to
have a job.

I'm grateful for healthy food and drinks (and the not-so-healthy stuff,
as well). When Life gives you Lemons, whip up a meringue pie.

I hope you're thoroughly disgusted. I hope you're all rolling your eyes at my optimism, and muttering under your breath. It's no matter - I'll still be grateful for you, too.

My truck, Emaline
My truck, in happier times.

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