Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Baked Brie Recipe

So...yesterday's post was an epic fail. Sorry about that. I did get some work done, I just forgot to update you all. The dress I showed you yesterday? It barely got used. 


I cut the sleeves off, but I cut too much. Now the arm holes are big, and they gape open so you can see half my bra from the sides. Weak.

I turned my attention to a second dress.


It was much, much to large for me, so I had to take it in on the sides. I flipped it inside out, and pinned about two inches of seam allowance on each side, then sewed.



Much better! Now, all I have to do is fix the neckline.


That's going to be the toughest part.

Now, let's have a snack.

Baked Brie

I know, I know - I just gave you a cheese recipe last week. I love cheese. Can you blame me? Last week's was a savory, mildly intoxicating dip or spread; today's cheese adventure is a sweet-toothed nightmare just waiting to overtake you.

There are a lot of baked brie recipes on the internet. This is mine.

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Open a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls - 10-count. Spread the dough out and smooth-out the creases in the dough.
  • Take a wheel of brie and carefully slice off the rind. You could leave it on, but it's a little bitter. If you're in a rush, though, don't fret - the rind is edible.
  • Spread jam or preserves all over the outside of the cheese wheel. I used strawberry.
  • Put the cheese in the middle of the dough and fold it all up. Be sure that there are no holes in the pastry - if there are, your cheese will leak everywhere and make a huge mess.
  • Stick it on a piece of parchment paper, tinfoil, or greased baking sheet and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Or until golden brown.
  • Remove, and smear all over toasted French bread or crackers.

The first time I made this, Very Excellent was skeptical. He teased me the whole time, and said he wasn't hungry. But when it came out of the oven and he saw that golden pastry crust, it was love. His stomach grew three sizes that day.

Baked Brie

Be prepared; this stuff will put you in a zen-like state; you'll be frozen to the couch, eating cheese, sipping wine and watching Friday Night Lights. For hours. Thank goodness.


  1. So I loved your vintage pin-up post...but when I saw this I'm just like I must eat this! Where can I find brie at 1am!!!


    1. There's a 24-hour Kroger really close to my apartment, and it comes in REALLY handy. I've left the house past midnight to get Gatorade powder (while wearing my pajamas).


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