Sunday, May 12, 2013

LAST CHANCE: I want to give you things!

Hey party people, this is the last day to enter my YO! Lemonade Giveaway! If you're a Disney fan (or you're gift-hunting for one), YO! Lemonade's magical jewelry can hook you up. You can still win your mama   a Mother's Day gift - I'm sure she'd like a ring to commemorate the movie you wouldn't stop watching at age 4. 

Plus, this month YO! Lemonade is expanding their selection to include characters from Sailor Moon. Who's your favorite: Mars? Jupiter? Tuxedo Mask?


To enter the giveaway, follow the instructions in the box below. Feel free to share this link with any Disney lovers in your life - the contest ends tonight at 11:59 PM, and as of now anyone who enters will have excellent odds.

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