Monday, May 27, 2013

Make-it Monday: The Perfect Wedding Season Dress

I ordered a dress from Anthropologie a few weeks ago, and I finally got it yesterday. It was on MEGA sale ($35!) and the moment I saw it, I wanted it for this year's wedding season. But, as expected, it didn't fit perfectly.

Adorable, right? But too big in the bodice. That's to be expected - the dress doesn't have a structured back. Instead, the silk straps cross each other and reattach at the hips. Today, I set out to get a better fit.

I didn't want to shorten from the bust, because of the ruching. 

The sides would be difficult to work with because the zipper is sewn onto the silk on the left side. 

So I decided to take from the straps themselves - hopefully disguising the seams under the twist.

I laid the dress out and folded an inch of material from under the twist on both straps.

Surprisingly, the thread that matched the best was red. 

I took out exactly enough fabric - it fits like a dream! However, I overshot on one side and sewed too high. The dress fits great, but the seam is visible. 

What do you think - should I leave it as-is, or should I try to move the seam down? 

I'm nervous about messing too much with the fabric - it's very delicate, and my machine has been pulling at the thread a bit. The visible seam bugs me, though. Am I obsessing, or does the seam need to be hidden?

I'm really excited to wear this dress. My friends Laura and Jeremy are getting married in July, and this frock will make it's debut at their wedding. Plus, I have two shoe options.

For the ceremony:

For the reception:

Ain't no way I'm dancing in those heels!

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