Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Cheap Shoes

It's been a while since I talked about shoes. Let's remedy that.

Photo Mar 08, 4 10 10 PM

You know the part in "Thrift Shop" where he talks about the sneakerheads? That's what these make me think of. If I wasn't allergic to sneakers, I might have bought them. But I feel like a crazy person in sneaks.

Photo Mar 08, 4 54 59 PM

I love these adorable kitten keels. They fit like a dream, and since they're Naturalizer, you know they're comfy. I was all set to buy them until I caught a peek in the mirror - yikes. Pasty white legs + white shoes = terror on the homefront.

Photo Mar 12, 3 12 20 PM

Way too big for me, but adorable. They're ribbons! I think this design is DIYable - with some steady hands and strong glue, at least.

Photo Mar 12, 3 12 10 PM

Now these are a triumph of fashion design. I was so close to making the purchase, but my heart just wasn't in it. I left them on the rack for someone who really loves shoes - someone who will treat these babies right. Only Get it If You Love It in action.

Lastly, there's these ladies:

Photo Mar 20, 2 25 17 PM

Technically, they shouldn't be in this post (I found them on a clearance rack at the mall), but green-and-purple-glitter heels really seemed to go with this batch. Heels this high should be illegal on shoes under a size 6 - I have absolutely no idea how someone walks in these without snapping her neck. My center of gravity was so disturbed that I could barely take them off. I had to go through vertigo rehabilitation, just like my idol.


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