Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Opening Night

Remember when I went to Clothing Warehouse? And I kept one of my finds a secret? Well, it's time for the big reveal. 

Drumroll, please...

Wild-eyed and windblown.

I put this on and I could not stop smiling. It's horrible - hideous, nearly - but for some reason I just love it. And it made it's first outing last week at the opening night party for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

I got the best comments about it. Overall, the girls and gay guys loved it, and the straight men were appalled. In my book, that's a Royal Flush. 

Here are some pics from the party:

Rachel and Andrew Jackson

As a nefarious friend pinched my backside

With one of my wonderful sisters from "Taffeta Christmas"

With my actual sister - and a special guest artist

The dress underwent a mild alteration before it hit the party - I cut off the bottom ruffle. I need to hem the fabric (it's already fraying like crazy) but I like the new length. It's less "I just fell off the turnip truck," and, it's still pretty ridiculous. 

I won't lie, I was ever so slightly nervous to wear it. It's not exactly fashionable. But that doesn't actually matter.  The only thing that does is how great I feel when I have that silly thing on. 

The best compliment I can ever get (besides a friend telling me that I remind him of Amy Poehler) is "You really make that work." It's usually followed by a demure, "I could never pull that off..." but I promise you, you can

"Pulling it Off" has nothing to do with curly hair, or height, or weight. It's all about attitude. If you feel kick-ass in it, then you will pull it off. End of story. So forget everything you know about "dressing for your body shape," and swear to me that you will never worry about trends again. Promise that from now on, you will wear whatever you feel GREAT it - whether that's bandage dresses, or burlap sacks. I can't tell you how happy I was when I wore that dress - even though several people told me it was hideous. Style is 100% subjective, and yours is the only opinion that counts.

I had about eight more paragraphs typed about personal style, but I'll spare you that rant. For now.


  1. I'd definitely hem that bottom edge! I bet it looks great with the last ruffle row chopped off. Then I'd probably lose the sleeves, or change them to cap sleeves. Those are the 2 parts of the dress that age it a little-otherwise, that style (high lacey buttoned collar) has been popular lately. I can see it with a black biker jacket too.

    Cute and weird! Just like you!


    1. I'm thinking about losing the sleeves - or maybe even making them detachable. That way I can wear them when I want to look like a milkmaid, or leave them at home when I want to look like a hipster.


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