Monday, January 7, 2013

Make-it-Monday: A True Eternity Scarf

Happy Monday! Before we get to this week's craft, let me assure you that yes, my birthday was wonderful. I spent the day in rehearsal for Bloody Bloody Andrew 
Jackson, and then came home to a surprise party!

Princess balloons!
Sneaky boyfriends!
I made my little sister an eternity scarf for Christmas. Months ago, I bought a maxi dress that I had no intention of ever wearing. I'm 5'2", as for shorties like me, maxi dresses are a problem. But it had this gorgeous woven back, and the fabric was deliciously soft, and I figured that for $5, it was worth the purchase. The sum of its parts didn't catch my fancy, but them's some nice parts.

First, I removed the woven back. I'm still waiting for the right project to use this in.

So pretty, right?
Then, I hacked-off about two and a half feet from the bottom of the dress.

I took the big tubular bottom, and folded it in half onto itself. Then I sewed a seam to keep the ends together. I did it all by hand, which took approximately seven thousand years. Then, I cut through the center of the doughnut to create a long tube. I flipped it inside-out to hide the seams, and sewed-up the doughnut again. Beautiful! 

But there were some visible vertical seams, and I wasn't a fan of that look. 

So I took some embroidery floss and did a whip stitch along each seam. To my amazement, that was MORE time-consuming than creating the long seam! Oh well - it looked nice and hid the seams, so I stuck to it.

Teenager colors.
Note Ben Folds t-shirt.
I'm really proud of how it turned out - it was labor-intensive, but I'd gladly work my fingers to the bone for my sister. I guess it wouldn't really be an eternity scarf if I had finished it quickly.

And the coincidence of the century?

She got me a circle scarf, too.

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