Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Saddle Up!

I read enough vintage stories as a kid to desperately want a pair of saddle shoes. It had something to do with nostalgia, and something else to do with being a strange child. I had a few fantastic Mary Janes, but never got the saddles I wanted.

Until now.

Gotta get some white shoe polish

They're sixes, and I wear fives, but I don't care! Add a heel insole, and they fit like a charm.

I also found a pair of tap shoes - for $3!

Children's tap shoes.  

My friend Anna started teaching a tap class this week. It was so nice to dance again, and she's a really good teacher. But my taps are character shoes - a.k.a., heels. I was losing my balance like crazy. It'll be a little silly to wear a pair of kids' shoes, but it'll be better than falling over all the time.

You know what they need, though? Laces.

Intentionally youthful shoes

Now, they say, "Look! I'm Shirley Temple! I am wearing kids' shoes on purpose!"

Sometimes, the best way to fight an undesirable trait is to embrace it. 

The saddle shoes got a makeover, too. 

I like the maroon ribbon, but it doesn't feel quite right. I want to experiment with some other styles - maybe something blue?


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  2. I like the ribbons, so much more festive than laces!!


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