Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Thrifty Disasters - Outerwear

Last night was the second dress rehearsal for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. At Actor's Express, second dress is open to the public - they call it the Director's Rough Cut, and the audience pays whatever they can. Normally, anywhere between 15 and 50 people might show up. Last night? We were sold out

My jaw just about hit the floor when I went onstage for our pre-show jam session. At 15 til curtain, we were already at 3/4 capacity. I have never seen anything like it. People were singing with us, sipping their drinks, and cheering us on. By the time the actual show started, I felt like a bona fide rock star. 

Guys, you have to come see this show. We open Saturday, and we've already played to a full house.

Now, about Thrifty Thursday: I'm starting a new series called Thrifty Disasters - and it's exactly what it sounds like. For this first set, I'm highlighting a particularly dangerous section - outerwear.

Here's a jacket that's covered in tiny black and white worms. 

This is a personal favorite - for someone who wants the right blend of casual and classy, consider this one-piece dream. Careful, though - if someone asks to take your coat, you may be revealed for the fraud you are.

This one made me feel like Janet Jackson.

I actually almost bought it - it's very Halloween - but the collar was stained to oblivion. It looked like someone had a seizure while holding a mug of coffee.

And here, a blindingly pink blazer whose hue puts Pepto Bismal to shame.

...wait. Is it actually kind of adorable?

Oh, crap, it is.

Yeah, I totally took it home.

Just goes to show - you never know what will look great until it's on your body.


  1. I was going to say the same thing...hey, wait, I'd wear that pink blazer!!

    1. So will I - I definitely bought it.

  2. I'm trying to imagine who originally bought that Janet Jackson one. I've never actually seen clothes like that before.

  3. By the way, break a leg!!!! I wish I could see your show. I got distracted by the clothes and forgot to tell you ;).

    1. Thanks, Luanne! Opening weekend went very well. We start Week 2 tonight!


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