Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Stone Soup, a la Michelle's Tiny Kitchen

My favorite easy recipe is adapted from one I found on Michelle's Tiny Kitchen. She calls it "Stone Soup," and I think that's the perfect name.

Did you ever read Stone Soup when you were a kid? Or when you were old? It's a great story about how stingy people can be tricked into sharing. When I was little, I would get SO HUNGRY reading about the special soup. Sometimes, I'd sip water from a bowl and imagine it was the strong, wonderful elixir from the story.

Now, when I want something hot and flavorful, I look at my boyfriend I just make it! Being an adult has its perks.

How about our liquor/olive oil collection?

I'm a kale fanatic, so I put two to three large handfuls of the stuff in every batch. I have tiny hands, but that's still a lot of kale. Basically, whatever greens you have on hand will do - this time, I used celery because why not? And I love lentils, so I like to throw in a cup or so. 

Also, instead of seasoning with salt and pepper, I tried a half teaspoon of miso paste instead. I was pleased with the results - it jives quite well with the greens. Just remember, if you want to add some miso to your life, you shouldn't boil it. That kills all it's wonderful digestive properties.

The best thing about this soup is that the house smells amazing for three days after it's made. Mmm...


  1. I'm probably going to make this. Just letting you know. <#

  2. ...I also can't type hearts apparently. haha.


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