Friday, January 4, 2013

Fashionable Friday: The Wearhouse

I love clothes. I really do. And there's this stigma against fashion as frivolous pursuit - which it might be - but I really don't care. For me, and for a lot of other people, getting dressed in the morning isn't just about being Not Naked. The clothes I don set my mood for the day - when I'm wearing something great, I feel invincible  So you can try to dismiss personal style, and you can roll your eyes and say that Smart Girls Don't Care About The Way They Look, but I will respectfully disagree. This Smart Girl cares, and she's proud to say so. That's why Fridays around here are Fashionable - this clothes horse wants to share her passion for dress-up.

Yesterday, I tried a LOT of different looks. As I mentioned, my roomie and I went to Little 5 Points and hit up one of the vintage stores, The Clothing Warehouse. While I'm a big thrifter, I usually avoid "vintage" stores. And while I found some good stuff yesterday, I'll have to stick to that policy in the future. 

Their Dress Shop, in all its glory.
In case you're not familiar with how used clothing is usually marketed, there are three kinds of stores where you can find pre-owned clothing: Thrift, Consignment, and Vintage. Thrift stores (like Salvation Army and Goodwill) feature clothing of all styles and levels of use; you can find things that are threadbare, alongside items that still have the tags. Consignment shops (Plato's Closet or Rag-o-Rama) have gently-used clothes, but the price is a little higher. Since these items are handpicked for their trendiness and good condition, there's a markup. Vintage stores (like Clothing Warehouse) are generally the most expensive. Vintage stores feature clothing that is at least 20 years old, and the items are generally priced regardless of wear or damage. This...can be problematic. I often find that the clothing at vintage stores isn't in much better shape than the stuff I find at thrift stores, but the prices are MUCH higher. For comparison, every dress at every Goodwill is $5.95; most of the items at Clothing Warehouse are around $40. But the great thing about a vintage store is that you won't have to wade through racks of mumus, nightgowns, and High School Musical footie pajamas. 

Though, why would you want to avoid this madness?
I am a cheapskate, so normally I can't convince myself that Vintage stores are worth the premium, but Clothing Warehouse is running a sale that lets you get 2-for-1 dresses. When I heard that, my little ears perked-up. Before I knew what was happening, Roomie and I were screaming toward Moreland. 

First, I tried some potential Gatsby Dresses:

In response to this picture, my friend Jeremy said, "If you wore that dress, I'd be so upset that you had a boyfriend."
Not a sheath.
So cute! But also not a sheath. And a LOT of sequins were missing.
20s style, 80s execution
Roomie is an excellent photographer.
And then, it was time to play:

Believe it or not, this is from Saks Fifth Avenue
Just...just the best.
This is cute, but I've never been a fan of 80s wear, so it's a pass
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
Playing with the hemline
In all, I walked away with three dresses - the third will be revealed another day. 

The pain to my wallet was decreased by the sale, and one of the dresses was damaged, so I got it for half-price. Still, I paid $60 for my troubles. I was happy with all of my choices, but I just can't shake the feeling that I would have paid a LOT less at Salvation Army. I like Clothing Warehouse, but this Poor Kid will have to avoid shopping there until another sale arrives.

One last thing: TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! For most people, the holidays officially ended four days ago - but not for me! 

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