Monday, April 15, 2013

Make-it-Monday: 7 Ways to Make Tax Season More Bearable

1. Plan ahead: I didn't follow this step very well last year - that's why I spent 4 hours counting-up my deductible mileage. No more! This year I have a handy mileage log, so whenever I drive for work purposes, I record it in here.

2. Get a cool file folder from Target: I'm no tax expert, but I've filed mine myself two years in a row, and the key is organization. For me, that means having an accordion folder with clearly defined sections to hold your receipts, contracts, and tax info from the year before.

My old one exploded, so I had to get a new one. It was only $8, and I love it. I did a little skipping when I found it.

I may never skip again.

3. Wear your old prom dress: Filing taxes is mind-numbing and awful, so I like to get dressed-up.

4. Over your pajama pants: Not too dressed-up, though. Still wanna be comfortable.

5. Drink: You probably already figured that one out.

More than just milk in there.

6. Keep a hammer nearby (for emergencies):

7. Get free stuff: THE good thing - the ONLY good thing - about April 15th is that so many businesses feel bad for you that they offer a lot of free stuff on Tax Day. Click this link to see an aggregated list. Cinnabon, Arby's, AMC, and Great American Cookies are all offering free food - which is great because after paying my taxes, I may not be able to afford any for a few months.

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