Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Katy K's Ranch Dressing

The first thing I saw when I stepped into Katy K's Ranch Dressing was a big ol' black dog. I didn't notice what breed it was (I was trying not to have a panic attack), but my Very Excellent Boyfriend fell over himself trying to pet the puppy. I'm afraid of big dogs, so I hustled into the hallway, but Very Excellent assures me he was a sweetie, and doesn't like to eat curly-haired bloggers.

While the boys got to know each other, I moved from room to room looking at clothes - both vintage and new. I saw dresses by Stop Staring! and Bettie Page, two of my favorite ModCloth brands.

Speaking of Bettie Page, I just do not understand what all the fuss is about. Seriously.

I just...I don't...I mean she's not doing anything. She's not even gyrating on the beat! I get that she's sexy, but some people are obsessed with her. And I really don't understand why. 

Okay, back to business:

You've heard my vintage shopping rant before, so I won't repeat it. Instead, I'm going to show you a garment, and I want you to think about how much money you'd pay for it. 

Okay, do you have a number? It's hand-crocheted, so keep that in mind. Yes, this clearly took someone a lot of time. So how much would you sell it for? $50? $75?

I nearly peed my damn pants. Are you SERIOUS? For something that UGLY? Folks, I hate to be a hater, but that, right there, is why I am not a big fan of "vintage" shopping. Clothes just aren't worth that much money - especially when they're that old. 

Now, the great thing about this shop is the shoes. Coyboys and girls, the boots in this place are to-die-for. I mean it. I was slobbering over the kicks. Check out these amazing suede boots:

Couldn't you just die? And they were a great price - $56. I bought a pair of black leather slouch boots for $46 - they're in perfect condition, and the leather is buttery soft. 

It's hard to find great shoes, and even harder to get them at a reasonable price. Frankly, I think these were a steal. 

Katy K's mostly specializes in Western wear (Ranch Dressing? Get it?), but they have a lot of variety. I saw some adorable dresses, great 70's polyester, and this phenomenal jacket:

It's not as cheap as thrifting, but you're guaranteed that everything here is in great condition. 

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