Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Blue Shirtdress

The thrift store I visit most often is a Goodwill off Pleasant Hill Road. That's where I found this dress.

I love it - it's flirty, but work-appropriate. I wear it to tutoring sessions all the time. 

Uugh, I forgot to iron the waist ties. Like a hobo. It's even cuter when it's not wrinkled. 

When I first reviewed the pictures, I didn't want to post them - I wanted to redo them another time. But I decided I'd represent myself the way I really am. I'm not always perfectly ironed; sometimes I'm rumpled and rough around the edges. I get a little frustrated when I feel like blogs don't reflect the way people really live. It's tempting to only show the very best version of myself - the polished, coiffed, gal I am when I've had 8 hours of sleep and a shower and breakfast - but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Oh, and this happens.

Many of you already know this, but I've started a Facebook page for this little site. I'd love it if you would pop on over and hit the "Like" button. Thanks, lovelies!

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