Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whatever Wednesday: Galen Plays a Pin-Up Girl

Clearly, I have a flair for dramatic ensembles.

But this pin-up thing really happened by accident. I knew I wanted to do a fun hairstyle to complement my new sunglasses. I was doing a little YouTube research when I stumbled upon this tutorial:

I was instantly intrigued. I'm a little obsessed with my grandma Hannah's wedding pictures, where she sports some serious victory rolls. 

To quote Cher Horowitz, she was a total Betty.

I don't played with my hair much - it's so curly and stubborn that I stopped believing I could do fun hairstyles. I also don't like to heat my hair (very damaging). But lately I've been going a while between washes (three to four days) and by day four the curl is pretty loose. And (this will sound disgusting) the grease protects the hair during heating (I told you so). So I asked roomie if I could borrow her curling iron, and I went to town.

If a Galen does a craft project, 
She's going to want to take pictures of it.
And if she's going to take pictures, 
She needs to change out of her pajamas and into something presentable.
If she's going to change,
She also has to do her hair.
And if she was up til 5 am watching hair tutorials on YouTube, 
She may want to try one of them.
If she decides to do a vintage hairstyle, 
Shen she also needs to do her make-up.
And if she does her make-up, 
She might as well dress the part.
If she's dressed, made-up, and coiffed, 
Then V.E.B. will want to take some pictures;
And once he starts, 
The situation will quickly devolve into a full-blown pin-up shoot.


  1. It was 5:30pm and still no leads on the case. I was about to close up for the night and get a drink. Just then, she walked in. What a looker. She had that certain kinda smile and gams that went right up to her waist. And, let's face it, if they went any further, she'd have a hell of a time buying slacks.

    1. I don't know who left this, but I'm obsessed with it.

    2. Glad you liked it. I was feeling inspired. I'll post it on Facebook for all to obsess over.

  2. Big HAHA to Anonymous Mr. Reed .... who's either listened to way too much Guy Noir or was read Mickey Spillane in his cradle.

    but anyway: am just discovering your blog Miss Galen, and totally loving your pinup poise!
    (sez yr Auntie S)


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