Friday, April 19, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Sheer Blouses - Yay or Nay?

I have a complicated relationship with sheer blouses. On the one hand, they're pretty revealing. On the other, so are bathing suits and shorts, and those are perfectly acceptable. Still, bras are a bit taboo. But most persuasively, it gets really hot in Georgia, and sheer = cool. 

I have a few sheer shirts, but I've never felt comfortable wearing them like this. Probably because I don't have swimsuit tops to match each of them. I wore this ensemble to the (disastrous) concert series in Centennial Olympic Park a couple weeks ago, and I felt great - despite how miserable the experience was.

Basically, Centennial Park is the worst possible venue for a free concert series. I don't want to relive the details, so I won't describe it in full. Just imagine thousands of people, no standing room, and a fifteen-minute wait to pay $8 for two Cokes.  

Thank God this stuff is caffeinated.

When we were finally sure we wouldn't see Dave Matthews, we ran like heck towards MARTA. I pulled Very Excellent aside for a few minutes to take some pictures just off Andrew Young International Boulevard.

dress: Marshall's /  blazer: Forever 21 /  boots: Katy K's in Nashville /
necklace: Temptation (mall store) /  brooch: Thrifted /  earrings: Target

How about that jewelry, huh?

Terrible cell phone photo: check.

I bought all three of these pieces at different places; I found the brooch at a thrift store while I was in high school, and I got the collar necklace from a store at the mall. The earrings? Weeks old; found at Target.

For some reason, I refuse to wear jewelry that comes in a set together. Does that make sense? Example: that necklace came with a pair of earrings that have the same white "jewel" that sits in the middle of the collar. I love the earrings, but it feels really weird to wear them with the necklace. Instead, I wear lots of other exactly-matching gold jewelry. As though there's any difference.

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