Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whatever Wednesday: Visiting Andrew Jackson's Estate

I miss being a First Lady. I had so much fun singing my guts out and dying in my husband's arms every night. Very Excellent knows how hard it's been to return to civilian life, so last weekend he took me home to The Hermitage.

And whatdya know? My house sits on this road:

Guys, that's so sweet!

Before we toured the grounds, we watched a short documentary about my hubs (narrated by Martin Sheen!). Then we strolled through a little museum with these lovely headsets.

There was a lot of Rackel Jackson swag.

My original tombstone.

The cap I died wearing. See that brown stain? That's mah blood.

Andrew and I, looking fab.

My portrait!

Um, is that supposed to be me? RUDE.

Most portraits of me are NOT cute, so I was really pleased when I saw this dust jacket in the gift shop.


THANK YOU! I don't have to look like a stuffy schoolmarm, people!

Technically, this house was never mine - the original home burned down after my death, and when it was rebuilt there were a lot of significant changes. Still, Andrew missed me, and my influence is all over the house - he reordered most of the original wallpaper for the new house. He wanted to keep my designs (thanks, boo).

Front yard.

Kitchen - I never went in there.

Back steps.

The backyard.

I also had quite the garden - isn't it nice?

Andrew and I are buried in it.

I tried to get a picture of my new tombstone, but it was too far away.

Even from this vantage point.

The Hermitage was a working farm - that's how we made our money. We had lots of slaves. It was a huge estate, and I hated trying to run the place myself. Andrew was always running around the country fighting wars and being political, and I was so miserable whenever he was gone. At one point in the show, I begged him to stay at the Hermitage with me and "all our awesome slaves."


It was the 19th century, guys. I'm really sorry. I know better now.

Want to give your home a bit of White House splendor? You can buy a set of dishes with Andrew's presidential China pattern.

Clearly, I didn't pick it out. Eagles? Tacky.

I had a lovely time at home - Andrew really did a good job with the place after I died. Too bad our adopted son squandered all the family's wealth and ruined his own reputation. Oh well - not my biological offspring!

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