Monday, April 29, 2013

Make-it-Monday: My very first Giveaway!

Just about a year ago, I started rehearsals for High Society with Stage Door Players in Dunwoody. It was a terrific experience and I could write 5,000 words about how much fun I had, how lovely the cast was, and how fulfilling the show was.

However, today I'm focusing on just one High Society blessing: Caleigh.


Memorize this face! If you ever see this lady, I demand that you give her a walloping hug. She is a talented, beautiful, hilarious woman, and I don't get to spend nearly enough time with her.

Taffeta Christmas
From Taffeta Christmas at Georgia Ensemble Theatre

She's an actress, but she's also a woman of many passions - among them, Sailor Moon, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and (most of all) Disney.

This could be Halloween; it could just be Tuesday. 

Caleigh created a line of jewelry to express her love for all things Disney. She hand-draws versions of famous characters, then sets them in colored bottle caps. Her company is called "YO! Lemonade" (because it's basically a grown-up lemonade stand). I won a necklace from a giveaway on her Facebook page, and I adore it.

Collar My Name Necklace by YO! Lemonade
Giselle, from Enchanted!

My YO! Lemonade swag
I also got a Jasmine ring!

My YO! Lemonade swag

I'm really excited to announce that YO! Lemonade is teaming-up with Galen's Days of the Week for a giveaway! From now until May 13th, you can enter to win a custom-made piece of jewelry. There are a myriad of options to choose from:

Un-Tulle We Meet Again Bow by YO! Lemonade
Maybe you're an aspiring Princess?

YO! Lemonade
Or a Heroine?

YO! Lemonade
Or a no-good Villain?

YO! Lemonade
Or do you just love The Classics?

Every piece is fully customizable. You choose the characters, colors, materials, and setting. Do you want earrings? A necklace? A bracelet? A hair clip? They're all available for your wearing pleasure.

If you're not the biggest Disney fan yourself, consider gifting the prize or forwarding this page to someone who is. Maybe your sister, aunt, niece, or nephew (no judgies)? 

Entry is super simple. First, head to the Yo! Lemonade Etsy page and figure out which item you want. Then come back here and follow the instructions in the box below:

The Rafflecopter widget will randomly select a winner on May 13th, and I'll contact them the next day. Best of luck, and thanks for playing!

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