Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Taste of Brookwood

Every year, my old high school throws the best fundraiser in the universe. It's called, "Taste of Brookwood," and it's a night where local restaurants donate their products to raise money for the band program. You pay $12 at the door and get a ticket with 5 spots for food, 1 for a drink, and 1 for dessert. And then the magic happens.

See all those names? It's the restaurants at the fundraiser - you go from station to station collecting entrees.

Eagle's Landing had red beans and rice and beingets.

A new Italian restaurant was giving out full side salads, and Publix shared a Barbecue short rib sub.

My dad stuck to the two Mexican restaurants - Frontera and On the Border. He just bopped between them all evening.

The Madre went back for seconds on wings.

I got a piece of amazing pecan cake from Publix for dessert - this is what it looked like after I devoured it.

A few other business show up and give their support, too. Best Buy did a giveaway, and I won an XL shirt AND a coupon for 50% off of any mobile phone accessories. I used it to buy an Otterbox case, which is phenomenal.

The night was not without it's disappointments, though. My favorite place, the Five Spot, didn't show. I had my heart set on Frozen Yogurt, and they fully stood me up. It was heartbreaking. Later that night, we went buy to get FroYo and berate them for their negligence.

This is easily the best Frozen Yogurt shop I know - their flavors are amazing, and the toppings are crazy fresh. Best of all, the management is great. When we told the manager that we missed them at the fundraiser, she gave us our desserts for FREE.

Guys, I am crazy about good customer service, and that was some of the best I've ever experienced.

I'm sad I have to wait a whole year for this fundraiser to roll back around; luckily I can just visit the restaurants when I want to relieve the magic.

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