Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Baconfest

New York has the Upright Citizen's Brigade; Chicago has IO and Second City; Atlanta has Dad's Garage. It's the big improv theatre in town - the Mecca of comedy in the Big Peach. Their annual fundraiser is a Mecca all it's own; it's where bacon lovers gather to celebrate their Penchant for Pork. It's BaconFest; it's an Atlanta institution.

On Saturday, I went to my first BaconFest - and it will not be my last.

Y'all know I love bacon - baked, fried, heck I'd probably like it raw, but I don't like salmonella, so I won't test that theory. The only thing I did test was my body's capacity to hold pig products. I did really well. We had beer, bacon, and BLTs, plus bacon-flavored lollipops and popsicles.

There was a lot more there than pork, though. Loads of local businesses had stands are were hosting giveaways. The Marietta Roller Girls had a prize wheel - I spun it to "HIT" and got to bodyslam a Derby Girl. Very Excellent Boyfriend got a derby name.

Do you like it?

I picked-up a sweet sweatband from the Yelp table.

Whynatte Lattes was handing-out free drinks at their tent. I love me some caffeine, so I had to grab a couple.

Grade: B+

But my favorite booth, by far, was the Hobo Wine Tasting.

In this magical space, we got to sample the finest wines the bottom shelf has to offer - MD, Cisco, Night Train, and Wild Irish Rose. And we cleansed our palates with Ritz crackers and cheese whiz.

Plus, we saw Lara Smith - she went to college with us! Hey, Lara!

True story: I actually, really, for real took this by accident.

We loved BaconFest.

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